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Moving to a colocation data centre? How DCIM software can reduce the risks

Herman Chan, president of Sunbird Software, shares three little-known ways that Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software can simplify moves to colocation data centres Managing the risks and complications involved in a colocation data centre is a challenge even for experienced data centre professionals. Resources such as checklists to manage the tasks required are a… Read More

Why data centre infrastructure standardisation benefits everyone

Patrick Donovan, senior research analyst at the Data Center Science Center at Schneider Electric, explains the benefits of standardisation, both in terms of availability and cost. Standardisation is a key factor driving growth and user acceptance across most industries, particularly in emerging technologies where fear of becoming locked in to a minority product line can… Read More

Data centre resilience: mitigate against the cost of downtime

Mike Elms, national sales manager, Socomec Power Conversion, discusses optimising your data centre for ever-changing requirements The resilience of a data centre – the ability to remain operational even when there has been a power outage, hardware failure or other unforeseen disruption – is becoming increasingly critical for today’s data centre manager. Combined with spiralling… Read More

The acoustic impact on HDDs: risk mitigation measures

Alan Elder, Tyco fellow, Tyco Fire Protection Products, looks at the research conducted on the impact of acoustics on HDDs and risk mitigation measures Data centres are relied upon to store and distribute valuable information for customers across many industries, from the investment banking to the healthcare sector. This valuable information is primarily stored on hard… Read More

Cloud Distribution adds data centre team and two new vendors

A data centre infrastructure team and two vendors have been added to the payroll at Cloud Distribution. Bosses at Cloud Distribution, a value-added distributor that currently specialises in security, networking and storage, decided the firm’s portfolio should expand into data centre infrastructure (DCI). This expansion means the introduction of a DCI team. Deals have also… Read More

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