Latest DCIM publications

Cloud Distribution adds data centre team and two new vendors

A data centre infrastructure team and two vendors have been added to the payroll at Cloud Distribution. Bosses at Cloud Distribution, a value-added distributor that currently specialises in security, networking and storage, decided the firm’s portfolio should expand into data centre infrastructure (DCI). This expansion means the introduction of a DCI team. Deals have also… Read More

Looking at the business impact of fire suppression in the data centre

Carl Bryan of Wagner UK looks at how fire suppression can go further in the data centre, to protect crucial business assets. Until very recently fire protection, although a legal building requirement, has been viewed as an afterthought by many in the IT sector. We are now deep into the digital age, where technology and electronic information plays… Read More

The need for a holistic approach to data centre fire suppression

Preventing a fire in a data centre, and understanding how to deal with the situation if it does happen, is one of the most critical aspects of data centre operation. Studies into why data centres fail have revealed that the number one cause is, unsurprisingly, IT-related disasters, followed by power problems. Coming in at number… Read More

Optimising the data centre through knowledge

Sanjay Motwani, Regional Director, APAC, at Raritan looks into the role of DCIM and emerging technologies in the data centre of the future The dynamic nature and exponential growth of the volume of data being generated today are putting a huge amount of pressure on back-end systems. Data needs to be generated and processed in real-time,… Read More

Using machine learning in data centres

Jonas Caino looks at how the wheat and chessboard problem intersects with Moore’s law and offers an interesting theory relevant to the data centre industry  We’ve all (well, certainly the geeks among us) come across the famous legend about the origin of chess that tells like this: When the inventor of chess demonstrated the game to… Read More

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