Latest DCIM publications

Using machine learning in data centres

Jonas Caino looks at how the wheat and chessboard problem intersects with Moore’s law and offers an interesting theory relevant to the data centre industry  We’ve all (well, certainly the geeks among us) come across the famous legend about the origin of chess that tells like this: When the inventor of chess demonstrated the game to… Read More

The real reasons why DCIM is failing

Venessa Moffat of Agile Momentum suggests why DCIM is struggling to take off despite being available on the market for several years… Markets are generally considered mature when all the vendors offer a cohesive message about what a product or service offers. With DCIM, this is still not the case even after several years of it… Read More

Why DCIM is reaching a crisis point

Venessa Moffat, a growth hacking specialist, with 20 years’ experience in the data centre and tech spheres, discusses why the DCIM sector is flawed and what the industry can do to help reverse the trend… We have all heard incidences of DCIM project failures – examples where the value has not been delivered quite as… Read More

DCIM expectations exposed: identifying new capability requirements

Philippe Heim, Global Portfolio Manager of DCIM, Building Technologies division at Siemens AG, examines why DCIM is becoming a critical factor in meeting the growing requirements of data center tenants… A growing number of colocation data centers provide Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) functionality to multi-tenants today—and for good reason. As demand for outsourcing data… Read More

The eight pillars of data centre management

Steve Bowes-Phipps, senior consultant at PTS Consulting, believes that a well-run data centre will stand out from the crowd… Building a resilient, highly available data centre is only the initial, embryonic phase of its lifetime. For the following 15-20 years, how one operates and maintains a data centre is far more important than how it… Read More

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