Latest DCIM publications

Increasing the benefits from DCIM software

Matthew Baynes, Data centre Strategy & Business Development Director, UKI, at Schneider Electric, explains what we are learning from the widespread adoption of controversial DCIM solutions… Since its launch DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) software has been a controversial topic. Potential customers and many commentators have claimed that the software is overly complex, expensive, overhyped… Read More

DCIM, SDDC and the law of unforeseen consequences

Soeren Jensen, Vice President of Enterprise Management and Software at Schneider Electric, considers solutions to the power struggle now taking place for control of the data centre – and even the definition of the processes by which it is run. As Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) continues to evolve and develop to become an essential… Read More

Protecting data centres with process

Christian Nugent, principle data centre consultant at the Government Digital Service, advises on the best procedures to ensure a safe and secure data centre. The criteria for specifying physical security within our data centre seem to be set. A checklist of security do’s and don’ts is easy to come across on Google and everyone can be a… Read More

Data centre users offered full benefits of infrastructure management system

An online system to help colocation customers get the most value out of advanced infrastructure management software has been introduced by London-based data centre owner, Virtus. The Virtus Intelligent Portal (VIP) gives the customer access to the data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) system and “complete transparency into and control of their colocated data centre usage”…. Read More

What’s next for data centre infrastructure management software: the evolutionary opportunities

Although still a relatively new software category, DCIM is already adapting to meet changing needs and technology. Soeren Jensen believes there will be even stronger reasons for enterprises to use it in future As more and more enterprises start to embrace DCIM, I’m already thinking about how the software will evolve (a process which is… Read More

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