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Apple deletes drone-attack app from Store, cites ‘objectionable content’

Drone-strike app Metadata+ has been pulled from Apple’s App Store, for “excessively crude” and “objectionable content.” Launched in 2014 by Intercept research editor Josh Begley, Metadata+ uses data drawn from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism to send notifications to users whenever someone dies in a U.S. drone attack. The app struggled to get approval under… Read More

An end to ‘Here today, breached tomorrow’ mobile crapware

It’s time for businesses to grow up. Harsh words, perhaps, but true. The rapid evolution of wireless communications, largely driven by the mobile industry, has made the world we live and work in an anywhere, anytime environment. The usage of applications across mobile devices has significantly transformed end-user expectations about digital communications, applications, content and… Read More

Monetising and optimising your IoT solution

The Stack speaks with Masanari Arai, CEO at Kii Corporation, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that developers face when bringing their IoT solutions to the market… “In the IoT space lots of developers are losing out, wasting time, effort and money by not thoroughly considering end-user value or their sales channels.” Arai opened the discussion… Read More

Minecraft developer Mojang sells to Microsoft for $2.5bn

Microsoft has announced that it has acquired Mojang, the Swedish developer behind the popular video game Minecraft for $2.5bn (£1.5bn). Since its launch 5 years ago, the top-selling game has sold more than 54 million copies, has been downloaded over 100 million times, and created over $100mn in profit for Mojang last year. The game… Read More

Rackspace bets its future on managed services

“This is the future of our company” says cloud services provider, Rackspace, as it announces it is returning to its ‘fanatical support’ roots in managed services to secure its uncertain outlook away from the attentions of Amazon and Google. It is targeting the market for enterprises wanting to take advantage of the cloud without having… Read More

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