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Cloud Foundry tackles developer skills gap with certification initiative

As part of a series of announcements at this year’s CloudNative Con and KubeCon events in Berlin, Cloud Foundry Foundation, the open source application platform for cloud computing, has launched a new cloud-native developer training and certification programme. The initiative, which Cloud Foundry claims is the largest of its type worldwide, hopes to address the… Read More

iTunes now rejects apps with price data in title

The iTunes Connect service will no longer allow developers to include pricing information in the metadata for an app that is submitted to the App Store for sale. Applications that are submitted by developers for sale on the App Store and Mac App Store will now be rejected should they include reference to pricing, including the… Read More

JSON encryption scheme contains critical vulnerability

One of the web’s most popular open standards is coming under intense attack from developers due to security flaws, with Adobe and others issuing warnings and advice. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is more familiar to most web users than they will realise, since it’s the underlying architecture that’s most commonly used to ‘dynamically’ update pages… Read More

Google to open source on-premises Earth Enterprise software

Google has announced that it will be releasing its Earth Enterprise software as an open source resource this March, allowing developers to deploy Google Maps and Google Earth across on-premises infrastructure. Launched over 10 years ago, Google no longer sells the enterprise software commercially, but has continued to push out updates to businesses which already… Read More

Microsoft selects TomTom and Here to extend location-based services

Microsoft has announced new partnerships with navigation giants TomTom and Here, in an effort to boost its location-based offerings across the Azure cloud platform. Integrating the two companies’ maps, traffic data and navigation software into Azure, Microsoft hopes to support developers looking to build and manage ‘location aware’ mobile, web and IoT applications. Speaking of… Read More

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