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Apple’s Swift programming language heads to the data centre

Apple’s newly released programming language, Swift, designed to help develop apps for the iPhone, is now taking steps beyond devices into the world of computer servers and data centres. The language has already been adopted at scale by coders at big name companies such as Yahoo, LinkedIn and Vine. It is now one of the… Read More

Facebook launches initiative to attract minorities and women to coding

Facebook has launched a new initiative to encourage minorities and women into coding. Besides an accent on those two demographics,  TechPrep is also targeted at parents and guardians, and seeks to analogise coding skills with language skills to make the subject of computer science less forbidding and opaque. Maxine Williams, Facebook’s global director of diversity,… Read More

Amazon to release AWS IoT for managing connected devices

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching a dedicated IoT cloud platform, which will support companies in managing their connected services and applications. The beta release, set for next Wednesday, has been designed to provide a management platform and support network for companies developing AWS-powered services with embedded devices. Developers will connect the IoT hardware to… Read More

Chrome allows developers to respond to app reviews in Web Store

A Google Chrome update now allows developers to respond to user app reviews across the Web Store. Developers have been able to respond to good and bad reviews over Apple’s iTunes and App Store, and Microsoft’s Google Play, but the same feature has been unavailable in Chrome until yesterday. The addition was announced in an… Read More

Apple deletes drone-attack app from Store, cites ‘objectionable content’

Drone-strike app Metadata+ has been pulled from Apple’s App Store, for “excessively crude” and “objectionable content.” Launched in 2014 by Intercept research editor Josh Begley, Metadata+ uses data drawn from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism to send notifications to users whenever someone dies in a U.S. drone attack. The app struggled to get approval under… Read More

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