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Why integration is key to effective security change

Earlier this week I wrote about how an evolution, built on the shoulders of the brightest and the best in the DevOps community, has overtaken the capabilities of established security practices. The piece got a lot of attention, and my already busy diary now has requests for me to come and speak at conferences about… Read More

The Equifax example: Bridging the gap between Security and DevOps

If you are a security type you couldn’t help but witness the recent calling out of Equifax’s CISO, Susan Maudlin, and her subsequent departure alongside the company’s CIO. While their parting was procedural and indeed predictable, there is a school of thought that says this was simply a knee-jerk reaction to shore up a tanking share… Read More

Standards that will take Agile and DevOps to the next level

Olivier Bonsignour, Executive VP of Product Development at CAST, explains why industry standards must be implemented for the successful evolution of Agile and DevOps teams… What began as a revolutionised way of managing IT developments, Agile has become the new normal. The past decade has evidenced the advantages of Agile, which extend by making development more… Read More

Why 2017 will see greater demand for agile thinking

Patrick Hubbard and Destiny Bertucci, head geeks at SolarWinds, take stock from 2016 and look forward to the new year ahead… As Patrick Hubbard and Destiny Bertucci, head geeks at Solarwinds both agree, what can always be said in this industry is that the last year was more challenging than the one before. What we… Read More

Why reconsidering our approach to networking is crucial to cloud success

Scott Sneddon, Senior Director of SDN and Virtualisation at Juniper Networks, examines the networking challenges and opportunities presented by emerging cloud technologies… The emergence of cloud technologies, virtualization, containers and the Internet of Things (IoT), have brought with them unique architectural challenges. Enterprises are running application workloads across many kinds of private and public clouds, while… Read More

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