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Docker DevOps on data containers and networking

Matt Saunders is a Principal DevOps Consultant, and also among the most senior engineers at Contino, with a background in both enterprise and start-up worlds. Matt is also co-organiser of the London DevOps meet-up—a group with over 3,000 members which meets monthly. What does Docker have in mind for the future regarding data containers, and… Read More

DevOps in the cloud: the springboard software engineering needs

Laurence James, Products, Alliances and Solutions Manager at NetApp, discusses the importance of seizing control of software programming… DevOps platforms fundamentally change the pace, quality and consistency of the application delivery model. The DevOps model empowers software engineers and developers to deliver a direct and more immediate impact on the competitiveness of their business through the ability… Read More

Teasing apart the public vs. private cloud polemic

The last few years of debate about the public versus the private cloud have been lively, but arguably not framed by the context of how – and which – industries are driving adoption… The ambient  noise around public vs. private clouds can be confusing to IT managers. After all, the industry has been using terms… Read More

What does Rackspace’s new DevOps automation offer?

On 12th August 2014 Rackspace announced that it is offering some new features to its DevOps Automation Services, which includes Windows support and expanded environment stack support. With it the company launched a new advisory service to help development and operations (DevOps) teams with their transformation programmes. The new service is available in the US… Read More

Rackspace bets its future on managed services

“This is the future of our company” says cloud services provider, Rackspace, as it announces it is returning to its ‘fanatical support’ roots in managed services to secure its uncertain outlook away from the attentions of Amazon and Google. It is targeting the market for enterprises wanting to take advantage of the cloud without having… Read More

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