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Does open source empower open cloud?

Richard Morrell, Red Hat’s cloud and open source evangelist, peers over his glasses at a school of thought that’s gathering momentum. First up, for the sake of being open, I need to take an opportunity to point out that for 17 years I’ve taken a salary from working in open source. Secondly, I head up… Read More

“I used to have that on vinyl” confesses senior IT professional

You may think IT is now a young person’s game with their dextrous use of agile technology – but Richard Morrell believes there is life in the old dog yet when it comes to getting safely and successfully on to Cloud I am what people politely call ‘middle aged’. Past forty, comfortably; been in the… Read More

Cloud 2.0: pinning the tail on the donkey

Has the emergence of more tech-savvy enterprise customers exposed a gap in the ability of cloud providers to engage and service the needs of the masses? Richard Morrell asks if this failure could lock them out of dynamic elastic cloud opportunity I don’t want to start this column with the use of the term Cloud… Read More

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