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DCHQ extends container deployment software into public cloud

DCHQ, a startup offering automation software for companies deploying applications in containers, has announced that it is now able to run across public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and not just on-premises data centres. The news follows the spring launch of an On-Premises model and accompanies a growing interest in containers… Read More

Containers create potential security minefield for the CISO

Richard Morrell discusses the need for a tighter security framework for the lifecycle of images at DockerHub… For a long time now I have written and spoken extensively about the need to look at security as a ‘building block’ in the architecture of new cloud projects. Twelve months ago I recorded a radio session with… Read More

How new technologies like Docker and PaaS are forcing changes to legacy IT organisations and processes

Bernard Golden, VP of Strategy at ActiveState, is speaking at Cloud Expo Europe on the incredible pressures that enterprise IT is under to get things done faster. Here he discusses the sea-change that Docker is bringing to Cloud provisioning… “It is very clear that the theme of the moment is the incredible pressure that enterprise… Read More

Docker announces first commercial product and range of orchestration tools

At the Docker user conference in Amsterdam yesterday, executives at the popular enterprise startup unveiled an array of new features to manage and run applications across its trendy container technology, released in open source in March last year. Docker provides an alternative to virtualisation technologies, automating the deployment of applications inside software containers on a… Read More

Handling the complexity of containers – a chance for software defined networking to shine?

With the rise of Docker and its open source approach to containers an old concept has gained a new momentum and Chris Swan believes it could also push SDN into new areas and even push IPv6 adoption. The concept of virtualisation at the operating system level – or containers – is not a new thing…. Read More

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