Latest edge publications

Quick words with OpenStack Foundation: Edge Computing

The Stack catches up with Ildikó Vancsa, ecosystem technical lead at OpenStack Foundation on how open infrastructure is playing an ever-greater role in edge computing  Rapid development, deployment and iteration of software is increasingly emerging as a sustainable means of achieving competitive advantage for many businesses. Open infrastructure and the development tools that support it… Read More

Why the edge is coming and its impact on the data centre industry

Powering the edge: register for our exclusive roundtable

The edge is one of the most often quoted trends in the data centre industry, and yet one of the least understood. Sign up for this exclusive webinar on the edge, from The Stack and Delta On the face of it, it’s simple – driven by a constantly increasing need for quick access to data stored in a… Read More

5G and the transformation of mobile networks

What does 5G have in store? Kostas Katsaros, 5G technologist at Digital Catapult, talks to John Bensalhia about its possibilities and opportunities “5G is at its inflection point, transforming from visions of its future to a realistic delivery plan of the infrastructure that unlocks digital transformation of industrial activities.” Kostas Katsaros, 5G technologist at Digital Catapult, explains… Read More

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