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Surveillance culture begins in school, finds EFF report

Children are being spied on by tech companies through devices and software used in school environments, which collect data including names, dates of birth, browsing history and location data, according to a new report released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The group found that in many cases this data collection is being conducted without… Read More

UK universities to join in crackdown against essay-cheat websites

Universities in the UK have been asked to support a government-led crackdown against websites providing essay plagiary services to students. Currently, it is the responsibility of individual institutions to implement their own policies against plagiarism in line with the national Quality Code for Higher Education, but Jo Johnson, UK Universities Minister, has now announced the… Read More

Teachers ‘unwittingly’ spying on school children with surveillance software

A thousand schools across the UK are monitoring children’s classroom activities through surveillance software, according to a new report released by privacy advocate group Big Brother Watch. The paper claims that schools have spent an estimated £2.5 million on monitoring solutions to keep an eye on pupils. The technology, known as ‘Classroom Management Software’, tracks… Read More

Google: Minority students need more tech and more role models – including on TV

New research commissioned by Google has determined a significant gap between the enthusiasm and opportunities available to potential computing science students who are female, black or Hispanic, and concludes in part that the problem lies in a lack of ‘ambient’ technology and exposure to tech-enabled role models. In the latter regard, the report notes the… Read More

Udacity launches online driverless car degree

Online education portal Udacity has announced that it has started offering the world’s first and only degree programme in engineering self-driving cars. Udacity co-founder and driverless expert Sebastian Thrun said that the new programme will put students through their paces building autonomous vehicles and trialling the kit on real streets around San Francisco. ‘We will… Read More

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