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Research verifies Trump stance on H-1B for U.S. tech workers

Independent research has broadly confirmed that Donald Trump’s contentions over the harm that the United States’ H-1B has done to home-grown tech talent may be justified. The study Understanding the Economic Impact of the H-1B Program on the U.S., led by John Bound at the University of Michigan, estimates that domestically-sourced tech talent would have… Read More

Draft Trump order homes in on foreign tech worker visas

A draft executive order from the President of the United States is promising early action on Donald Trump’s campaign promises to overhaul the controversial state of the H1B (and other) visas granted yearly to technology companies – and which have been accused of facilitating stealthy outsourcing and the loss of jobs for U.S. residents. The… Read More

Why your legacy IT may be costing you the best millennial talent

Keith Tilley, EVP at Sungard Availability Services, advises us not to discount how strongly our best young workers may feel about access to the latest digital technologies and platforms… Millennials get a lot of bad press: they’re often condemned for frivolous spending habits and being glued to their smartphones. On the plus side, they are… Read More

U.S. government proposes the permanent job interview

It’s often said that landing a job is more about being good at interviews than any necessary aptitude for the role. Since mis-hiring in the U.S. intelligence community is perceived as an above-average liability, the government is researching the possibility of a sensor-driven ‘permanent interview’, wherein an individual would need to submit to unrestricted physical… Read More

Neural net ‘precrime’ system suitable for prospective employees, say Russian scientists

Researchers at Tomsk University have created a computer program that can be used to predict different aspects of criminal behavior using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technology, and have suggested that the technique could be adapted as an effective tool in selecting suitable employment candidates. The team was able to divide survey respondents into classifications based… Read More

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