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The UK’s brain drain to Silicon Valley is unintentional, says government report

The UK’s Government Office For Science has released a fascinating preliminary report regarding ‘The future of work in an ageing population’, comprising the findings of experts who in June convened to discuss one of the hottest political topics around. Among its findings, many of which are (for a government report) uncharacteristically apocalyptic in nature, is… Read More

UK government’s AI experts predict employment apocalypse

According to Mary Wakefield in The Spectator, the UK government gathered together four experts in artificial intelligence last autumn in a subdued hearing with few journalists in attendance, to hear leading minds prognosticate on what the advent of new technologies in AI might mean for the short-term and long-term future of the country. The piece… Read More

Google is the toughest job interview in town for developers – but not the worst

If you’re a developer looking for the golden ticket to one of the top software or digital services companies in the world, you likely aren’t expecting an easy ride. The arcane and abstract dominate the hiring processes of major tech companies so completely that Hollywood got a fairly good movie out of it. However when… Read More

Random USB sticks a hazard to corporate security

Employers must train their workers up to a higher standard with respect to cybersecurity best practices. That’s the message delivered by non-profit IT industry association CompTIA in the wake of a survey of 1200 full-time US workers. The survey and its corresponding white paper Cyber Secure: A Look At Employee Cybersecurity Habits In The Workplace,… Read More

Twitter announces 8% workforce cuts in that autumn email nobody wants

Twitter, in a bid to streamline operations globally, has announced that it will cut up to 8% of its workforce, primarily in the engineering and product departments. The reasoning behind this move, declared in an email from CEO Jack Dorsey to all employees this morning, is to create an Engineering department that would move faster… Read More

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