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The Guardian joins the ‘new crypticism’ in developer recruitment with JavaScript-based job ad

Today bank holiday languor drew me to idly wonder if the JavaScript for The Guardian’s Comment is Free section could be tinkered with to send multiple upvotes on a post – pretty unlikely, as it depends on a server-side response. But, as Douglas Adams once noted, I’d already had as many baths as I could… Read More

Tianjin blasts took down Tencent data centre and local tech operations

Explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin last week reportedly took down a considerable portion of tech businesses, including internet giant Tencent’s local data centre. The blast, originating at a chemical storage warehouse, caused severe damage to the facility’s server room which led to temporary delays in video streaming for Tencent customers. The company said over… Read More

Microsoft scientists develop AI system for hiring the perfect crowdsourced team

Microsoft researchers are investigating algorithmic solutions to tackle the crowdsourcing recruitment challenge of hiring effective teams and co-workers for specific tasks. The project, led by Microsoft computer scientists Eric Horvitz and Pushmeet Kohli and ETH Zurich researchers Adish Singla and Andreas Krause, is looking to develop a computational solution for selecting the most effective team members from… Read More

What should I really be looking for in a disaster recovery solution?

Raj Patel has a professional background of Information Security roles in major blue-chip companies including Aviva. In this article he asks what businesses have learned from high profile breaches over the last few years Businesses are evolving to address their security needs and adopt best practices. A good thing too, as it’s often the basics… Read More

Lack of Stack Overflow or Github posts a ‘red flag’ to IT employers

The quality of a user’s submissions to development communities Stack Overflow and GitHub can make the difference between acceptance and rejection for some candidates seeking IT or coding positions in the jobs marketplace, according to a new article from Dice. In the article Willis Johnson, VP at the Robert Half Technology office in Albuquerque, N.M.,… Read More

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