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Planned Parenthood calls on FBI in alleged employee data hack

Healthcare provider Planned Parenthood has notified the FBI and Department of Justice of an alleged data breach that could compromise the ‘privacy and safety of staff members.’ Company representatives on Monday revealed that hackers were attacking Planned Parenthood IT systems in an attempt to gain unauthorised access to its employee database and leak the personal data… Read More

California rules that Uber drivers are employees, not contractors

The California Labor Commission has ruled that Uber is not a ‘neutral technology platform’ able to absent itself from responsibility for the people who provide its driving services, but instead is an ‘employer’ – with all the incumbent obligations entailed, such as Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance and Social Security. The ruling was filed yesterday at… Read More

Alibaba to push global expansion, says new CEO

Chinese e-retail group Alibaba has emphasised the importance of driving its globalisation strategy should it be serious about the success of cross-border sales and recruitment. CEO Daniel Zhang announced yesterday at a strategy meeting at Alibaba HQ, that the e-commerce giant would be pushing its international expansion efforts. “We will organise a global team and adopt… Read More

U.S. military to recruit civilian cybersecurity experts

The U.S. Army is to create a new cybersecurity division, Cyber Branch 17, and is also considering launching a cyber career track for civilians, according to an announcement made this week by Lt. Gen. Edward C. Cardon. Cardon, who currently heads the U.S. Army’s cyber command, ARCYBER, spoke to the Senate Armed Services subcommittee on Tuesday… Read More

Netflix-derived algorithm tells you when your best employee is about to leave you

A former Netflix data scientist has used the video-streaming company’s movie recommendation algorithm to develop a predictive system to let employers know when they are about to lose their most talented and productive workers. Workday Talent Insights is a new app from Human Resources software creator Workday, and aims to use a variety of criteria… Read More

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