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Tech giants pressure GCHQ to axe plans to eavesdrop on encrypted chats

Apple, Google and WhatsApp have joined others in warning the idea could threaten security and trust Tech giants including Apple, Google and WhatsApp have urged GCHQ to abandon a proposal that would allow it to eavesdrop on encrypted chat conversations. More than 50 companies, civil society organisations and security experts have united to voice concern… Read More

Echoworx expands email encryption to APAC

Email encryption security company Echoworx announced that it will expand the OneWorld communication platform to countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. OneWorld is a scalable, flexible encryption platform created to integrate with existing business systems. It can be configured to work with cloud, hybrid, and on-premises networks and provides for secure document delivery, large-file exchange, and… Read More

SK Telecom buys $65M stake in Swiss quantum cryptography company

SK Telecom has announced that it will invest $65 million (approx. £46.5 million) in ID Quantique (IDQ), a leading quantum crypto company based in Switzerland. In exchange, SK Telecom will receive 50% majority shares in IDQ. This investment bolsters 5G network security for SK Telecom, as well as expanding the company’s global portfolio in quantum… Read More

IBM Z mainframe allows round the clock data protection

IBM has released a new mainframe offering in a bid to boost security and data encryption and lead the fight against enterprise data breaches. The next-gen IBM Z mainframe computer is capable of encrypting the entirety of a company’s data. IBM argues that this development will alleviate the pressure for customers selecting and managing their… Read More

Why encryption is a critical step towards GDPR compliance

Joe Pindar, director of product strategy at Gemalto’s Chief Technology Office, discusses why encryption measures are growing in importance for today’s businesses… Last year, the UK suffered more data breaches than any previous year. In 2016, 54,468,603 records were compromised – a 475% increase over the 9,478,730 compromised in 2015. These events have helped raise awareness… Read More

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