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Equinix releases security-as-a-service offering SmartKey

Data centre and interconnection giant Equinix has introduced a hardware security module (HSM) as-a-service offering, called the SmartKey. HSMs are used by a growing number of businesses for security purposes, in place of traditional on-premise encryption techniques, which are complex and typically don’t work well when trying to operate across multiple clouds. Historically, cryptographic processing… Read More

DBS Bank turns to cloud for main Singapore data centre

Southeast Asia’s largest bank, DBS, has announced a partnership with Equinix to cut costs at one of its traditional Singapore data centres through cloud optimisation. Singapore based DBS will move its main data centre from its current premises to one a quarter of the size, making it 75% cheaper to run. According to the firm,… Read More

Equinix revenue growth continues, announces further expansion plans

Equinix revenues grew by 25% in the most recent quarter, following a period of aggressive expansion and acquisitions. Alongside the financial results, it announced 13 new expansion projects across the world, costing the firm $615 million (approx. £464 million). These projects will be taking place in America, Europe, Asia and Australia, with three new projects… Read More

Equinix continues expansion with announcement of site in D.C.

Equinix is continuing its run of unfettered expansion with the announcement of another International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre near Washington D.C. The new facility, from the California-based interconnection and data centre firm, will be called DC12 and is costing Equinix $98.5 million (approx. £75 million). The site will be located in its existing Ashburn, Virginia… Read More

Equinix partners with Oracle to expand interconnection in U.S. and Europe

Equinix has announced an expansion of its partnership with Oracle, with dedicated, private access to Oracle cloud through a further 16 of its International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres in America and Europe. The expansion means that customers can privately connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through the firm’s FastConnect system in eight new metros… Read More

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