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EPIQ announces new Swiss data centre

EPIQ, the global legal services corporation, has announced the opening of a new data center in Zurich, Switzerland. The new data center is a colocation facility, intended to provide secure local hosting for clients of EPIQ, along with disaster recovery and backup services at a second location, also located in Switzerland. In-country data storage is… Read More

Interxion announces direct connectivity to Google Cloud

Interxion, a leading data center colocation company with 45 locations across Europe, has announced that the company now supports Google Cloud Platform Interconnect points of presence (PoPs), in Paris, Marseille, Frankfurt, and Stockholm. Clients may now access the Google Cloud Platform using Interxion’s multi-cloud interconnection platform, Cloud Connect. With the new Google Cloud PoPs, clients… Read More

IDA hits back after Athenry’s Apple failure

The organisation in charge of promoting foreign investment into Ireland has claimed that data centres bring billions into the Irish economy after Apple backed out of its planned Athenry site following years of appeals and cancelled court dates. The IDA’s report, titled A Study of the Economic Benefits of Data Centre Investment in Ireland, states… Read More

Chancellor Merkel proposes tax on big data

German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed a big data tax that would treat data as a raw material used in production at this week’s Global Solutions policy forum in Berlin. The proposed reform is intended to reduce tax disparities between digital and traditional companies. “The pricing of data, particularly the data of consumers, is the central… Read More

The mania of GDPR Day One

The first day of GDPR is proving manic, with many U.S. websites unavailable in the EU and an activist immediately going after major tech firms. Known to many as GDPR Day, the 25th May is a big date for many reasons; not least because it should put an end to incessant emails begging for permission to… Read More

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