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EU launches investigation into Amazon’s Luxembourg tax deal

The European Commission is to launch an investigation into the tax arrangement that online retailer Amazon struck with Luxembourg, in a climate of increasing concern about high-scale corporate tax avoidance within austerity-struck Europe. Under the deal being investigated the retail giant, headquartered in Seattle, pays virtually no tax on profits from its European operations. In May… Read More

Research reveals 99% of cloud service providers would not meet new data protection requirements

99% of cloud service providers would fall short of Europe’s new data protection legislation, according to research by cloud security firm Skyhigh Networks. Having analysed its own CloudRegistry of over 7000 providers, Skyhigh suggested that the majority of cloud services would fail to meet the new data protection requirements imposed by the European Commission. The… Read More

UK government to push through emergency data storage law by end of next week

The coalition government is to pass through a rushed surveillance law next week which will force UK ISPs to retain all records of customer calls, texts and internet activity. The reform comes amongst a new wave of security measures announced by Downing Street, including tighter airport control, and concerns over ‘radicalised’ behaviour stemming from the… Read More

News: Cloud marketplace for world’s researchers backed by European service providers

Researchers around the globe will soon have a focused cloud marketplace where they can select and buy a range of services that are designed to work seamlessly together and be compliant with EU regulations and legislation. Called the Helix Nebula Marketplace (HNX) it has grown out of projects funded by the European Commission and led… Read More

How big data is saving bankers’ bonuses

Information Age’s Ben Rossi discusses the impact of the EU’s new policy on bankers’ bonuses. He argues that big data holds the key to effective compensation plans. Based on ‘actual analysis and insight’, big data strategies will result in a more rewarding, flexible and intelligent bonus system for businesses and their employees. However, as Rossi… Read More

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