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Liberty to challenge UK Investigatory Powers Act

Liberty, a civil rights activism group from the United Kingdom, has received permission to challenge the Investigatory Powers Act in the High Court. The Investigatory Powers Act, which became a law in November 2016 and enforced shortly after, grants UK intelligence agencies and law enforcement officials unprecedented rights to intercept and review communications and related… Read More

Germany to fine social media €50mn for illegal content

The German government has voted in favor of a new law that includes, among other things, fines of up to €50 million to social media companies that fail to remove ‘obviously illegal’ content in a set time frame. The new law, known as NetzDG, will be effective in October of this year and outlines strict timelines for… Read More

Ireland to lead European data centre market by 2020

A new report has revealed Ireland’s market-leading data centre offering, highlighting a unique mix of third party enterprise facilities and huge investment from hyperscale web giants. The Data Centres Ireland research, conducted by BroadGroup, places Ireland as a leading data centre market – attracting international interest due to its status within the European Union and… Read More

Google hit with record-breaking €2.42bn antitrust fine

The European Commission has announced a record-breaking 2.42 billion euro fine has been levied on Google for breaking EU antitrust regulations. The fine was calculated based on Google’s reported earnings from its comparison shopping service in the 13 EEA countries involved. The company has 90 days to correct unfair practices and may face civil actions for… Read More

Google to propose international data access reform

In a reversal from its previous stance on protecting access to data stored internationally, Google’s general counsel will propose a revision to data access regulations that would make it easier for law enforcement agencies to access information from other countries. The current regulations require law enforcement that the two governments, local and foreign, act as intermediaries that… Read More

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