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Ericsson 5GCAR project wins EU funding

The 5GCAR project, created by a consortium of corporations led by Ericsson, has advanced to Phase 2 of the EU’s 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) initiative. As one of the groups selected for the next phase of the project, the 5GCAR group is now eligible to receive EUR 8 million in funding and… Read More

EU may give police direct access to cloud data

EU Justice Ministers are due to meet to discuss three different proposals, set forth by the EU Commission, to make it easier for law enforcement officials to retrieve digital data which may be stored on servers in a different country. Currently, obtaining information that is stored in a different member state is a long and… Read More

Safe Host launches Switzerland’s largest data centre

Safe Host, the Swiss colocation company, is launching phase one of what may become the largest data center in Switzerland. The new facility will be located in the canton of Vaud, in the Western part of the country, near France. The 14,000 square foot hyperscale data center will be rolled out in 4MW phases to… Read More

EU commission votes for content portability

The European Commission has returned a positive vote on content portability, supporting the right of EU citizens to access digital content when traveling across borders within the EU. This move is aimed at reducing content piracy, as it would allow users to access regional online content subscriptions when located outside their member state of residence…. Read More

Massive underground data centre opened in Norway

The Lefdal Mine data center, an underground facility with 120,000 square meters of available white space, has officially opened. Phase 1 of the buildout is complete, and the initial customers will go live in Q3 2017. The ‘mountain hall’ data center was designed as a modular, scalable, and secure facility, constructed underground. Located in western… Read More

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