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‘Spam King’ Sanford Wallace admits to spamming 27 million Facebook accounts

Sanford Wallace, otherwise known as the ‘Spam King’, has pleaded guilty to sending over 27 million spam messages through Facebook, despite being barred from accessing the social network. The Las Vegas resident is now facing a maximum of three years in prison and a $250,000 (approx. £160,000) fine. This will be in addition to the… Read More

Facebook inaugurates new wind-driven data centre in Fort Worth, Texas

Facebook has announced the beginning of construction on its fifth data centre in the United States, at Fort Worth in Texas, touting the new installation as ‘one of the most advanced, efficient, and sustainable data centers in the world’. Despite the arid location the Fort Worth data centre will be cooled by outdoor air, as… Read More

Research aims to stop users sharing inappropriate information on Facebook

UK researchers are attempting to define methodologies and approaches which can give social network users warning when they are likely to share inappropriate content. The paper Implicit Contextual Integrity in Online Social Networks [PDF], published yesterday by Natalia Criado of John Moores University at Liverpool and Jose M. Such of Lancaster University, details research wherein… Read More

Facebook facial recognition algorithm uses more than your face to identify you

Facebook’s research into Artificial Intelligence has helped it to develop an experimental algorithm that can recognise users based on other factors besides their facial geometry, including clothing, hairstyle, pose and body-shape. The technique, which debuted at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Boston this month, was arrived at by the Facebook AI team… Read More

Facebook to invest €200mn in new Irish data centre

Social media giant Facebook has today submitted a planning application for its new €200mn data centre in County Meath, Ireland. The latest data centre investment will provide 40 more full time jobs, bringing Facebook’s Irish staff to over 1,000 employees. Hundreds of further positions will be created in the build phase. The site will be the company’s… Read More

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