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Belgium sues Facebook over privacy

Shares in Facebook fell 1.12 (1.37%) today as Belgium announced that it is leading a lawsuit against the social media goliath over privacy issues. The country’s independent Privacy Commission, in concert with other bodies in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain, is protesting about the ubiquity of Facebook cookies, which are often delivered via third-party… Read More

Facebook users hit in embarrassing porn malware attack

Facebook timelines and newsfeeds have been littered with malicious malware spreading pornographic content across the social media site. The attack plagued Indian users this week sending pornographic links to Facebook friends and posting the X-rated content in messages and on newsfeeds. Cybersecurity experts at Agra Police identified the malware and claimed that it belongs to… Read More

Popular Facebook-endorsed gaming plugin can steal your email

A hugely popular Windows gaming plug-in that is endorsed by Facebook has a vulnerability that could let attackers steal your emails and Facebook data, and in some cases even read files from the victim’s hard disk. The affected ‘Unity Engine’ provides a framework for developers to generate cross-platform 3D content. In the PC space it… Read More

Top publishers to post news stories directly to Facebook

Facebook has today announced that it is launching a news feature called Instant Articles, which posts news items directly to a user’s newsfeed. Instant Articles differs from the current news feature in that users will no longer have to click through a headline link to access the publishers’ stories. Now articles will appear within a… Read More

Indosat partners with Facebook to deliver free internet in Indonesia

Ooredoo Group’s Indonesian branch Indosat has today announced a partnership with Facebook to launch the social media giant’s Internet.org initiative in the region, offering free internet services to Indonesians. Forming part of the national programme ‘Internet Tanpa Pulsa Untuk Semua’, the Indosat and Facebook alliance will see easy and free internet access offered across Indonesia. “Indonesia’s… Read More

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