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Facebook completes first solar-powered drone flight in the UK

Social networking giant Facebook has been busy testing its solar-powered drones in UK skies, CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed yesterday in an official blog post. The drones use lasers to fire out beams of internet access to the ground, in a bid to provide connectivity to rural and other isolated locations. “As part of our Internet.org… Read More

Facebook users at risk from malicious face-ageing app

A malicious Facebook app, purporting to show users what they will look like in 20 years, has been uncovered which solicited usernames and passwords to hijack accounts and spread spam. The app, which pops up on newsfeeds, walls and in advertising spots, takes the oblivious user to a fake Facebook phishing site (http://appnew2015 .cf/) designed to harvest… Read More

Facebook uses ‘anime’ BitTorrent tracker code to update its network

Facebook is using a BitTorrent tracker originally designed for the sharing of anime characters in order to deploy updates to its tremendously busy servers, TorrentFreak notes today. Talking to the developers of Chihaya, the site reports that the tool, named after a schoolgirl anime character from a manga series called Chihayafuru, is used by the… Read More

India crucial to global internet connectivity, says Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a partnership with Reliance Communications to launch an Indian version of the free mobile data service Internet.org. The app will offer Indian users free access to basic internet services for education, news, travel, health, jobs, and communication across 38 websites. “One day, we will connect everyone, and the power… Read More

Facebook investment in Xiaomi averted by censor fears, report claims

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg was in talks with Chinese smartphone and tech giant Xiaomi prior to last month’s $1.1bn (£726,544) fundraising deal, according to an exclusive report from Reuters. Zuckerberg is reported to have informally discussed a massive investment in Xiaomi during a dinner with the company’s CEO Lei Jun when he visited Beijing last… Read More

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