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What 5G will bring to the IoT device, network and application

As global organisations increasingly adopt IoT solutions, Peter Van Den Houten at Kore discusses the major innovations set to transform connectivity and networking infrastructure It is perhaps an obvious statement to make, but the truth of the matter is that a lot of the fixed and wireless network infrastructure that serves IoT deployments today is somewhat legacy… Read More

Navigating through an increasingly complex data maze

While producers of data platforms and services are in a period of incredible growth and change, the stakes are enormous, says Raghu Ramakrishnan, CTO for Data at Microsoft Data analytics is an integral part of how organisations plan and execute, and it is rapidly becoming ever more entrenched. Organisations are becoming more data-centric – both in… Read More

How big data is tackling human trafficking
Stopping the global flow of human trafficking, one of the worst blights on the modern world, presents unique data challenges. Sarah Brown, managing analyst at charity STOP THE TRAFFIK (STT), discusses the charity's work and its solutions to difficult problems Founded in 2006, STT works to identify global trends in human trafficking, identify hotspots, help... Read More

How blockchain IDs can solve the problem of identity

Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal Analyst at Kuppinger Cole, discusses how blockchain IDs might finally deliver universal and trustworthy authentication Distributed Ledger Technologies (commonly referred to as Blockchain) have been discussed in relation to all manner of business models in all industries. The range of models span topics such as international trade finance, KYC (Know… Read More

The impact of blockchain on data centres
Patrick Donovan of Schneider Electric’s Data Center Science Center explains blockchain's impact on the data centres and the energy grids of the future We are in the midst of a technological revolution. Born from the mysterious creation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2008, blockchain technologies fundamentally change how business transactions are made. It can be... Read More

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