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Lessons learned from Monzo’s Kubernetes outage

Monzo engineers suffered a very unenjoyable day in October last year when the online bank experienced a total outage for an hour and 21 minutes. At KubeCon in Copenhagen, Oliver Beattie, Monzo’s head of engineering, talked through the outage and discussed some of the lessons he learned after experiencing every engineer’s worst-case scenario. A full… Read More

How blockchain could be used in financial services

Blockchain technology makes many promises. New whitepapers are released practically daily, extolling the virtues of distributed ledger technology and the new levels of trust, security and cost-efficiency it can offer. One of the most obvious areas in which these promises could be fulfilled is finance. But, as yet, there hasn’t been the wholesale adoption of… Read More

Lloyds Banking Group to invest £3 billion in tech

In response to the release of fourth-quarter financials, showing that the company missed earnings targets, Lloyds Banking Group has made a commitment to cut costs, and has pledged to invest more than £3 billion in technology. At the press conference in London, Lloyds Banking Group CEO Antonio Horta-Osorio said that the three-year investment was a ‘massive undertaking’,… Read More

Meeting modern demands in banking

How has the online banking sector changed in recent years and what are the trends and benefits experienced by customers? Lloyds Banking Group’s Jehangir Byramji discusses these notable aspects with John Bensalhia “No industry stands still: yet in recent years there has been an acceleration of change in financial services, including banking and insurance.” Jehangir… Read More

Vantage leverages active properties to raise $1.1B for data centre construction

In what the company says is a data centre industry first, Vantage Data Centers has used securitization financing to raise $1.1 billion (approx. £790 million). Approximately half of the funds will go to pay off bank credits, with the remainder to be used to construct new facilities in Santa Clara, CA and Northern Virginia. Additional… Read More

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