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Meeting modern demands in banking

How has the online banking sector changed in recent years and what are the trends and benefits experienced by customers? Lloyds Banking Group’s Jehangir Byramji discusses these notable aspects with John Bensalhia “No industry stands still: yet in recent years there has been an acceleration of change in financial services, including banking and insurance.” Jehangir… Read More

Vantage leverages active properties to raise $1.1B for data centre construction

In what the company says is a data centre industry first, Vantage Data Centers has used securitization financing to raise $1.1 billion (approx. £790 million). Approximately half of the funds will go to pay off bank credits, with the remainder to be used to construct new facilities in Santa Clara, CA and Northern Virginia. Additional… Read More

Why blockchain evolution is set to transform venture capital

Baroness Michelle Mone OBE, co-founder of crypto-powered investment platform EQUI, speaks around the potential impact of blockchain in venture capital  Venture Capital (VC) has traditionally been the preserve of institutions and high net worth individuals. It’s a part of the investment market that has restricted access to exciting high-growth tech start-ups. It is usually only after… Read More

The unstoppable force of progress in fintech

Efi Pylarinou, fintech advisor at Daily Fintech, discusses how many of the recent changes in the financial world are unstoppable, and why that will ultimately benefit the consumer For anyone that entered the Fintech ecosystem in 2017, says Pylarinou, he/she would not have seen it as the ‘Business war zone’ of previous years. Now, Fintechs are… Read More

IBM revenues continue to drop but cloud strategy pleases Wall Street

IBM has released its third quarter results, beating Wall Street predictions on earnings per share (EPS), despite a continued drop in revenue. The legacy computing giant saw its 22nd straight quarter of decline in revenue, but witnessed progress in cloud computing and what it calls its ‘strategic imperatives.’ The improved results in these areas and a… Read More

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