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EU report raises FinTech, blockchain concerns

A joint committee for the EU has released a report on Risks and Vulnerabilities in the EU Financial System, in which cybersecurity, including the rising use of blockchain technology, is marked as a major concern for the financial sector. One of the problems facing financial institutions is the increase in the adoption of mobile technology and the… Read More

Blockchain payments platform introduced in Dubai

Joint backing from the Smart Dubai Office and Avanza Solutions has resulted in a new payments platform to be rolled out in the city A new payments platform based on blockchain technology is being introduced in the city of Dubai. The announcement was made by FinTech consulting and development firm, Avanza Solutions, and is partnered… Read More

Global banks could save $15 billion from cloud adoption by 2019

Research undertaken by IDC Financial Insights on behalf of Reuters indicates that the worldwide banking industry is among the sectors most likely to benefit in significant financial terms by embracing cloud-based infrastructure. According to the commissioned report, running costs with cloud infrastructure via AWS is likely to be a third of a proprietary approach, with… Read More

TrueLayer banking API launches private beta

TrueLayer, a new cloud-based platform created to connect fintech developers with bank data, has launched private beta following a 1.3 million GBP funding round. TrueLayer is a platform created for the development of financial apps, giving developers real-time access to structured customer data. It provides developers with tools to create fintech by connecting them to… Read More

Lloyds Bank survives three-day DDoS onslaught

Lloyds Bank, the largest retail banking outlet in the UK, was subject to an unusually sustained Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS*) attack earlier this month, according to recent reports. Initially reported (paywalled) by the Financial Times, the attack began on the morning of January 11th and ran until the close of Friday 13th. Business Insider,… Read More

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