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RBS cuts hundreds of jobs as FCA approves ‘robo-advisers’

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced that it will be switching customer advice services over to automated ‘robo-advisers’ as it cuts 220 face-to-face positions. Given the green light from UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) this week, the bank agreed that the move would lead to cheaper, more accessible financial advice. ‘Our customers… Read More

Amazon wants to replace passwords with selfies and videos

Amazon has filed a patent application for a technology which would allow consumers to authenticate transactions via selfie or video. As part of the verification process, the computer or mobile device will prompt the user to ‘perform certain actions, motions or gestures, such as to smile, blink, or tilt his or her head.’ Amazon claims that the… Read More

Can Hong Kong recover its lost bid for the FinTech revolution?

With its long-standing reputation as a major centre for global finance, Hong Kong is no stranger to tough competition. But while in the past it has jostled with cities such as Tokyo, New York and London for pre-eminence in traditional financial industries such as banking, stocks and currency exchange, now a new race is under way –… Read More

Amazon Alexa can now manage your finances, with new Capital One skill

A new collaboration has this week seen U.S. finance giant Capital One join up with Amazon’s home automation systems. The new partnership promises to make Amazon devices appeal to a more financially conscious user, but does not scream out to those who prioritise security – wary of placing a third-party in control of one of the… Read More

Japan considers treating Bitcoin as real money

Regulators in Japan are considering officially recognising bitcoins and other digital currencies as valid methods of payment. The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) is reportedly in the process of deciding whether to make legislative revisions to regulation that currently regards virtual currencies as objects rather than traditional forms of payment. Under the new proposal, consumers will… Read More

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