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French inquiry launched after live suicide broadcast on Periscope

French authorities have launched an investigation after a young woman recorded her suicide which streamed live to over 1,000 connected followers on the online video app Periscope. According to local reports [French], prosecutors in Évry, Essone, a suburb 15 miles south of Paris, confirmed they had opened the inquiry following the incident which saw the 19-year-old… Read More

European Commission supports Uber in challenge against French taxi law

The European Commission is backing U.S.-based Uber in challenging a French law on taxi services and chauffeured vehicles, which the ride-hailing giant believes favours regulated taxis over app-based systems. The Thévenoud Law [French], established in October 2014, stipulates that taxi services operate from a base between fares and restricts the use of software to locate customers…. Read More

France ambitiously seeks 1.6 billion euros from Google in back taxes

A source at the French finance ministry has apparently revealed that France will seek 1.6 billion euros ($1.76 billion) from Google in back-taxes, in the wake of the internet giant’s controversially small payment of tax in the UK. The news comes in the wake of widespread criticism at Google’s agreement with the UK to pay… Read More

Impossible account login a potential security hole for Amazon?

A potential security issue has been raised with respect to the Amazon website. The problem was discovered by a tech journalist, Kirk McElhearn while allowing two-step verification on his Amazon account. Mr McElhearn said in his post that he has accounts with the Amazon.com, UK and French versions. The two-step process offers extra protection by… Read More

‘Babar’ and ‘EvilBunny’: new research on malware that plagued middle east suggests French origin

New research will be revealed today regarding the “fully blown espionage tool” Babar, details of which were revealed by Edward Snowden and initially investigated [French language] a year ago by Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSEC), which determined that the data-stealing malware was likely to be a product of the French government. Researcher Paul Rascagneres of… Read More

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