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Online gaming: what are the data demands?

There are already more than 20 million online gamers in the UK alone. Video games are big business and only going to get even more popular. Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig explains the similarly sizeable impact the games industry is having on data centre and power protection demands. At any time of the day,… Read More

Gaming studio Digital Homicide pulls out of $18 million harassment lawsuit

Litigious games studio Digital Homicide has withdrawn from an $18 million lawsuit against Steam users, who it accused of hate and harassment, announcing that the company has been ‘destroyed’ by the legal battle. Faced with a motion to subpoena for Steam user identities, allegedly guilty of harassment through biting reviews, creator Valve pulled all Digital… Read More

Combining IoT, gaming technology and cloud for effective real-time data centre monitoring

Dr. Stu Redshaw, CTO at critical facilities software and sensors company EkkoSense, proposes a winning combination for improving real-time monitoring and risk management in the data centre… We have witnessed significant improvements in data centre risk management over the last few years. Data centres today are critical IT and business assets, and interruptions to service are… Read More

Woojer unveils haptic vest for VR

Haptic company Woojer has unveiled the Vest, a new consumer wearable that offers an innovative technique for virtual reality gaming immersion that can also be used to enhance music and movie viewing experiences. Available for viewing at this month’s Tokyo game show, the Woojer Vest incorporates six haptic transducers located on six meridian points on the… Read More

Acer’s new gaming monitors introduce eye-tracking technology

Display maker Acer has unveiled three new gaming monitors all of which contain inbuilt Tobii eye-tracking technology, promising major advancements in reactivity and input. Swedish eye-tracking firm Tobii has been leading innovation in the area since the early 2000s and is beginning to explore partnerships to integrate its biometric systems into computers, gaming products and even… Read More

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