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Xbox Kinect technology helps create higher-quality X-rays

A team of researchers at Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, has adapted a gaming system to help radiographers [PDF] improve the quality of X-rays. The technology, originally developed for Microsoft Kinect, has been amended to provide a useful tool for measuring the thickness of body parts and monitor movement and positioning in the X-ray field… Read More

Broken promises and broken code means refund or repair now in the UK – or does it?

The launch of ‘digital-only’ amendments to the Consumer Rights Act in the UK today is quite revolutionary, as it brings the same level of consumer protection against shoddy or faulty goods to digital purchases as have been granted to real-world purchases (such as the same product on disk) for decades. It will be interesting to… Read More

Google Ventures invests in Swedish VR studio Resolution Games

Google Ventures has today confirmed their involvement in a $6mn investment round [Swedish] in Swedish virtual reality gaming firm Resolution Games, marking its first European investment outside of the UK. The Stockholm-based studio is led by Candy Crush Saga veteran Tommy Palm, but the company focuses entirely on the use of virtual reality in gaming rather than… Read More

Android malware uses ad framework to hide in Nintendo gaming app

A new strain of Android virus attacks through Nintendo games, stealing personal data from the user and making them pay for the application, according to cybersecurity experts Palo Alto Networks. The malware family, which the firm has dubbed Gunpoder, includes three variants which disguise themselves as an open source Nintendo Entertainment System emulator app used… Read More

Xbox One firmware update removes ‘Region Lock’ in China

Xbox One owners in China have received the additional feature ‘removal of Region Lock’ after its April firmware updates available at 11pm last night, according to gamer reports. Microsoft is yet to officially confirm the open. Previously, Xbox One users in the region were not permitted to access games, videos and other media content from… Read More

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