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MindLeap VR gaming headset powered by brainwaves

MindMaze, a spin-off company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), has today announced that it has recently closed a funding round valuing $8.5mn (approx. £5.6mn) for its ‘thought-powered VR game system’ – MindLeap. The virtual and augmented reality headset combines electroencephalogram technology (EEG) and integrated 3D capture cameras mounted on the head to track… Read More

Sony hacks continue: PlayStation hit by Lizard Squad attack

Hacker group, Lizard Squad, has claimed responsibility for shutting down the PlayStation Network over Sunday night, the second large scale cyber-attack on the Sony system in recent weeks. Users had been experiencing issues with login overnight and into this morning, greeted by an error message reading “Page Not Found! It’s not you. It’s the internet’s fault.”… Read More

Vampire video game draws real blood from players

A new videogame innovation aims to actually draw real blood from gamers when they are shot or injured whilst playing characters in their favourite videogames. Blood Sport is a Kickstarter project which provides an interface between the ‘rumble’ feature of the controller in major consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation and the same kind of blood collection… Read More

Minecraft developer Mojang sells to Microsoft for $2.5bn

Microsoft has announced that it has acquired Mojang, the Swedish developer behind the popular video game Minecraft for $2.5bn (£1.5bn). Since its launch 5 years ago, the top-selling game has sold more than 54 million copies, has been downloaded over 100 million times, and created over $100mn in profit for Mojang last year. The game… Read More

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