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Adblock Plus creates AdTech platform for ‘whitelisted’ ads. Still taking 30%

Adblock Plus, last reported to have nearly 200 million users around the world, has launched a new ad-serving framework at AdTech, one of the major network advertising providers which it has been controversially blocking for years. The Acceptable Ads Platform (AAP) has been developed with platform-publisher ComboTag in order to provide publishers with a method… Read More

World’s smallest camera lens heralds biotech revolution

German researchers have developed the world’s tiniest 3D-printed lens, which could be integrated into cameras just twice the width of a human hair, revolutionising medical imaging, surveillance, robotics and drone technologies. In a Nature Photonics paper titled Two-photon direct laser writing of ultracompact multi-lens objectives this week, the team, based at Stuttgart University, explained how they… Read More

Uber has an exceptionally bad day in France and Germany

Global ride-sharing crusader Uber, which rarely passes a day without skirmish in one of its target markets worldwide, has had a particularly tough 24 hours, as France fines it for running an ‘illegal taxi service’ and German courts uphold a protested ban on running an ‘unlicensed’ service. Today the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt threw… Read More

European commission investigates Deutsche Telekom network upgrade

The European Commission has announced that it will begin an investigation of the German telecom authority’s decision to allow a vectoring upgrade to Deutsche Telekom’s existing network. A vectoring upgrade would allow Deutsche Telekom to increase bandwidth available to users, and provide a higher degree of quality and reliability. The Commission, however, fears that these… Read More

Reddit considers banning sites that block adblockers – and paywalls

A recent post from moderators at Reddit announces that the popular aggregation and discussion site is considering banning the linking of URLs to websites which take measures against adblockers, including Forbes and Wired. Additionally it is considering a ban on paywalls, such as those instituted by the Wall Street Journal. The initial proposal for discussion… Read More

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