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Reddit considers banning sites that block adblockers – and paywalls

A recent post from moderators at Reddit announces that the popular aggregation and discussion site is considering banning the linking of URLs to websites which take measures against adblockers, including Forbes and Wired. Additionally it is considering a ban on paywalls, such as those instituted by the Wall Street Journal. The initial proposal for discussion… Read More

First hydrogen car-sharing program starts in Germany

Linde, one of the largest industrial gases and engineering companies in the world, is launching the world’s first car-sharing service for hydrogen cars. BeeZero will be available to residents of Munich summer 2016. Hydrogen cars have been slow to take hold with the environmentally-conscious car consumer because of the difficulty of finding a hydrogen filling… Read More

Pirate Bay founder’s micropayment system pairs with AdBlock Plus

Today a new collaboration was announced between one of the most newsworthy companies of 2016, Adblock Plus, and content payment company Flattr, who together are launching a scheme to allow users to make voluntary, ‘tip’-style micropayments to websites whose content they like – but whose regular ads they do not wish to see. Based in… Read More

German court rules that ‘sharing’ your Amazon purchases is spamming

A German court has ruled today that Amazon’s ‘share’ functionality, which encourages users to promote links to products that they have just purchased via email or social networks, is unlawful. The feature in question becomes available after online purchase is concluded, and provides means for customers to publicise their buys via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest –… Read More

Facebook, Google and Twitter agree to delete hate speech in Germany

Facebook, Google and Twitter have agreed to remove hateful posts from their platforms within 24 hours in Germany, officials announced yesterday. The web companies committed to the move in a new agreement with German authorities, after coming under increased pressure to help curb racism online in the country. The decision comes as Germany looks to… Read More

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