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Chimera ransomware targets German SMEs, threatens to leak sensitive data

A new version of the Chimera ransomware [German] is hounding German firms, attacking corporate Windows systems and threatening to release sensitive information should the target not pay up. The attack is delivered through fake emails sent via different addresses – mostly from the domain @emialn.de, but not exclusively.  The emails are supposedly sent from individuals claiming… Read More

German police warn parents to stop posting photos of kids on Facebook

Once upon a time we had the good old-fashioned slides and projector. Or the heavy, leather-bound photo albums. Both were used by Mum and Dad to show photos of their beloved children right from the day of birth through to those embarrassing school photographs. But today’s practice of using social media has been cautioned against… Read More

Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone to deploy VPN services via SDN and NFV

Following a successful trial earlier in the year, Deutsche Telekom has announced that it will be expanding its SDN-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. Vodafone Group PLC is also planning to launch its own VPN service across a variety of global markets in the near future. Deutsche Telekom originally announced launched the pilot for this… Read More

German publisher Axel Springer bans adblocking users from Bild website

Axel Springer SE, among the largest of Europe’s online publishers, has instituted a block on viewers who are using adblocking software for its flagship news website, Bild.de. Adblocking readers who browse to the Bild site now are presented with a page which blocks the site’s content and asks the reader to either switch off the… Read More

Camera that refuses to shoot over-exposed locations

German designer and artist Philipp Schmitt has introduced the Camera Restricta – a camera which refuses to take photos in over-photographed locations. Described as a ‘disobedient tool for taking unique photographs’, the 3D-printed device uses a smartphone as the camera screen, and an embedded app which enables GPS tracking and generates audio effects. The open… Read More

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