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German spies cede citizen data in exchange for NSA spyware

Germany’s top intelligence agency gave up details related to citizen metadata in return for National Security Agency (NSA) spyware, local reports [German] have claimed. Keen to use a copy of spy software XKeyscore, the NSA’s key surveillance programme revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013, German spies reportedly handed over information collected on their fellow citizens. German… Read More

euNetworks runs 30km of dark fibre from Frankfurt to DARZ data centre at Darmstadt

London-based euNetworks GmbH has announced today that it has created the shortest fibre-optic route from Darmstadt to Frankfurt using ‘dark fibre’ – unused cable which companies can lease as dedicated infrastructure. The destination for the loop is the prestigious DARZ data centre at Darmstadt, 30km (18.5 miles) outside Frankfurt. euNetworks’ Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Dean… Read More

Ad-blocking ruled legal in Germany

A German regional court has ruled that adjusting web pages to block advertising is legal activity, following several complaints raised by German publishers against Eyeo-owned Adblock Plus. The four-month trial has heard arguments for and against the use of ad blocking services. Those in favour believe that ad blockers are necessary to ease the navigation and… Read More

German underground bunker refitted as low-oxygen, low-staff nuclear-proof data centre

A German company has repurposed a nuclear bunker from the 1960s as a data centre. IT Vision Technology (ITVT Group) has spent two years adapting the Erwin bunker in Germany’s Börfink municipality into a secured facility 98 miles from the international network hub at Frankfurt. The technological core of the new Erwin bunker has been… Read More

VMware launches German data centre focused on data sovereignty

As Switzerland is to banking, it seems increasingly that Germany will be to inviolable data storage. In 2015 virtualisation tech giant VMware will bring a new German data centre online, the latest company to join the growing trend for German data centres that protect their contents from falling into the purview of other countries. Germany… Read More

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