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Size of AWS ‘data transfer costs’ revealed in leaked internal documents

While true that corporate customers on the whole find cloud services to be more flexible and cheaper than running their own data centres, it would be an exaggeration to say their cloud journeys have been smooth sailing.

One of the chief concerns CIOs have with cloud services is the unexpected costs that stack up on monthly bills. According to one recent survey, 37 percent of CIOs regard this as their main cloud complaint.

The cost of migrating data from another cloud provider or back on-premises is one particularly eye-watering charge that can take companies by surprise. While the existence of these so-called ‘data transfer costs’ has been long-documented, for the first time the exact amounts charged to some of the world’s leading cloud customers have surfaced.

Google wins legal fight to keep ‘right to be forgotten’ EU-only

Europe’s top court has told Google it does not have to make the “right to be forgotten” available worldwide.

The measure already allows citizens in EU countries to demand any results about them considered “inadequate, irrelevant or… excessive” to be removed, if the search is carried out in an EU country – even though the web page would still exist, delisting from a search engine makes it harder for people to find.

Has Google achieved quantum supremacy?

Google has claimed to have reached a major quantum computing milestone in a research paper that briefly appeared on a NASA website.

In the research paper, spotted by the Financial Times before it was removed, the company claimed to have designed a quantum computer capable of “quantum supremacy.”

After the news surfaced over the weekend, several commentators weighed in online to explain what the achievement actually meant.

Google gives users more control over Assistant voice recordings

Google has said it will reduce the amount of voice data it stores, following a scandal linked to AI assistants and how audio data from users was being listened to by human reviewers.

The technology giant said that while its own Voice and Audio Activity (VAA) programme has always been opt-in, it will now ask every user to re-affirm their choice before it recommences.

Google to invest €3 billion expanding European data centres

Google’s top boss has said the tech giant plans to invest 3 billion euros (£2.6 billion) to expand its data centres across Europe in the next two years.

Chief executive Sundar Pichai said it will bring the company’s total investments in the continent’s internet infrastructure to 15 billion euros (£13.2 billion) since 2007.

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