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Tech giants team up to fight coronavirus

Facebook and Google are among the technology firms that have joined forces to protect and inform people during the coronavirus outbreak. The group of companies, which own and run some of the world’s biggest online platforms, have said they have committed to work together and with governments in response to the pandemic. In a joint statement, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit and YouTube said they would help ensure people could stay connected to each other during isolation as well as fight any misinformation and fraud linked to the outbreak.

White House summons AI community to mine dataset of 29,000 coronavirus research papers

A dataset of over 29,000 scientific articles related to the coronavirus family has been shared publicly to help the scientific and medical community better understand Covid-19 and its related viruses.

The machine-readable collection was collated so that AI technologies, specifically text and data mining tools, could easily digest existing scientific literature for insights on how Covid-19 can be tackled.

Google announces Anthos for Telecom and 5G cloud Strategy

Google has announced Anthos for Telecom, bringing the Anthos cloud application platform to the network edge.

Launched last year, the platform allows IT shops to manage containerised applications seamlessly between their own infrastructure and multiple clouds, whether that’s AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Google to invest $10 billion building US data centres and offices in 2020

Google plans to invest more than $10 billion building data centres and offices across the United States this year.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, announced the news in a blog post. 

UK user data not at risk from post-Brexit move to the US, Google claims

Google has insisted UK user data will remain safe despite plans to move millions of accounts to the US, where there is weaker oversight. The tech giant said it will shift control of UK data from Google Ireland – where it is under tough EU regulation – to its American parent Google LLC as a result of Brexit. EU-wide GDPR rules which require firms to protect people’s data and privacy are among the strictest in the world, but the US has no equivalent.

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