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Google has purchased Titan Aerospace, a maker of drones that Facebook was also interested in

Todd Wasserman of Mashable reports on Google’s purchase of Titan Aerospace, a drone aircraft manufacturer based in New Mexico. Reportedly of previous buying interest for Facebook, Titan’s drones will aid Google in providing high-speed Internet services to remote areas, as well as developing its Google Maps offering. “Titan Aerospace and Google share a profound optimism… Read More

News: Public cloud offers poor customer service

Using the public cloud means you have to expect poor customer service if something goes wrong according to Richard Thomas, chief executive officer of cloud monitoring specialist, NetEvidence. “Stick it all on Amazon or Google and it’s really quite cheap, very scaleable, but there isn’t a lot of control,” he said. “And when things break,… Read More

Paul Miller: Price cuts are nice, but certainly not the whole story

The leading providers of cloud infrastructure appear committed to following one another in a race to the bottom on pricing. Customers should welcome the latest round of price cuts says Paul Miller but also recognise that there’s more to choosing a cloud provider than what it costs. Microsoft did as everyone expected earlier this week, joining… Read More

Microsoft Azure plays price cut catch up with Google and AWS

Microsoft Azure has followed Google’s and Amazon’s price cuts – keeping a promise to match Amazon Web Services (WS) dollar for dollar – with cuts of as much as 65%, claiming it matches or beats Amazon’s prices on most services. Microsoft said: “Consistent with our previously announced commitment to match Amazon on prices for commodity services,… Read More

Sell cloud’s value not the technology urges Weinman

Cloudonomics author and industry expert Joe Weinman has urged cloud protagonists to promote the business benefits of cloud not the nuts and bolts. “When did you last go to a pizza restaurant and it was super tasty and you spoke to the pizza chef to compliment the electricity utility?” he asked. He used the same… Read More

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