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European Commission reopens Google antitrust probe

The European Commission is refreshing its four-year investigation into how Google displays search results and advertising, and has also threatened to launch a new probe into its mobile operating system Android. The stand-off between the two bodies arose following concerns that the search giant is abusing its position at the top of the European search… Read More

Google trials Project Wing in Amazon drone delivery stand-off

A drone-based delivery system to rival Amazon Prime Air has been revealed by Google X, the secretive development team behind the tech giant’s most ambitious projects. Named Project Wing, Google hopes to use these drones in disaster relief zones, delivering aid packages and supplies to areas in need. “Even just a few of these, being… Read More

Google-led consortium to build trans-Pacific ‘Faster’ cable

A consortium of six tech companies has announced plans to build and operate a cable network under the Pacific Ocean, linking the US with Japan. The cable system, dubbed ‘Faster,’ will deliver incredibly fast internet speeds, with a current design capacity of 60 terabytes per second. It will not be the only trans-Pacific communication cable… Read More

War over wireless technology standards threatens to stunt market growth

Wireless charging has become more of a familiar concept recently with an increasing number of devices offering the new capability. However, the development of the technology has been stumped as the field fights over establishing a single set of standards for its products. Either featured as a built-in capability or integrated inside third-party casing, wireless charging… Read More

Android Fake ID flaw leaves smartphones and tablets vulnerable to attacks

A bug in millions of Android devices has been discovered that allows attackers to imitate existing applications, control settings and access the user’s credit card details. Bluebox, which identified the bug, explained that all versions of Android from 2.1 to 4.4 were affected, including models from HTC, Sharp, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. Researchers called for… Read More

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