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A week before GDPR, Greenwich University fined for data breach

The University of Greenwich has been handed a £120,000 fine by the ICO for a data breach involving nearly 20,000 people, which included medical information. Contact details, including names addresses and phone numbers, of 19,500 students, staff and alumni were leaked. As well as contact details, information about learning difficulties and staff sickness records were accessed… Read More

380,000 Hong Kong Broadband customer details leaked

Customers of Hong Kong Broadband Network were warned earlier this week that their personal details had been compromised by hackers. The details of 380,000 customers, including credit card information for more than 40,000 of those people, were taken from a database on Monday, the company said. Announcing that it had been breached on Wednesday, Hong… Read More

GDPR may hinder cybersecurity, say experts

GDPR, which will be enforced in just over a month’s time, may seriously hinder cybersecurity capabilities, according to some cybersecurity experts. Well-known cybersecurity investigative journalist Brian Krebs has predicted a rise in ‘spam, phishing and just about every form of cybercrime’ due to GDPR’s impact on the WHOIS tool, which he described as the ‘single… Read More

34 firms sign Cybersecurity Tech Accord, big names missing

Facebook, Microsoft and 32 other major technology companies have signed a Cybersecurity Tech Accord to protect people from cybercrime. The agreement makes a number of promises that the signatories hope will protect consumers and businesses from an ever-growing wave of cybercrime. This includes refusing to collaborate with governments on cyberattacks. Cynics reading may note some… Read More

Blockchain: a poisoned chalice for the police?

The widespread use of the internet that developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s gave criminals many new ways of earning money. Now, cryptocurrencies and the relative anonymity that they provide are giving police a whole new set of worries. Fred Ellis, financial intelligence analyst with the City of London Police, is on the… Read More

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