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Blockchain: a poisoned chalice for the police?

The widespread use of the internet that developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s gave criminals many new ways of earning money. Now, cryptocurrencies and the relative anonymity that they provide are giving police a whole new set of worries. Fred Ellis, financial intelligence analyst with the City of London Police, is on the… Read More

Winter Olympics hit by cyber attack during opening ceremony

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was the target of a cyber attack that downed its website and internet and television services during the Games’ opening ceremony. Officials in charge of the event, which is being held in South Korea and holds political significance for relations between North and South Korea, have refused to reveal the source… Read More

What government agencies tell us about cloud security

In 2013, following what became known as the Snowden Revelations, a survey carried out by the Cloud Security Alliance, a trade body, revealed that some 10% of non-U.S. businesses cancelled plans to use US – based cloud computing service providers.   This result shows a minority were ill-informed of; How the Internet works, What the… Read More

Major security flaw found in Oman stock exchange

An ethical hacker discovered a major flaw in the security of Oman’s stock exchange which left it vulnerable to hacking for months. The Muscat Securities Market, which has a market capitalisation of around $23 billion (approx. £16.5 billion), had its username and password set as ‘admin’ on a core router, according to a report by… Read More

Cybersecurity chief: Singapore escaped cyberattacks largely by chance

The chief executive of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Agency (CSA) said that while some organizations in Singapore suffered cyber attacks, the fact that the country escaped the worst of 2017’s malware attacks was due to a convergence of lucky circumstances rather than skill. In an interview with ChannelNews Asia, David Koh, chief executive of the CSA, said… Read More

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