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Barclays cuts ties with Kaspersky following NCSC guidance

Kaspersky Labs’ PR troubles continue after Barclays bank discontinued its policy of offering the Russian firm’s anti-virus software to new customers. The decision by the UK bank, which counts itself amongst the country’s ‘Big Four’ and has revenues of more than £20 billion, comes after the UK’s cybersecurity chief advised against government departments using Kaspersky… Read More

NATO members consider cyber attacks against adversaries

A group of NATO members are considering altering cybersecurity policies to allow governments to attack back, rather than working only in a defensive capacity. The U.S., UK, Germany, Norway, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands are working on a set of cyber warfare principles, according to Reuters. These principles would guide their respective militaries on when… Read More

ICO advises parents to turn off cameras on kids’ toys

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a warning to parents over the dangers of internet-connected children’s toys. In the lead-up to Christmas, many will be considering buying children’s presents that are connected to the internet, and as such leave themselves vulnerable to cyberattacks. As with many consumer IoT products, there are considerable security implications,… Read More

Critical security vulnerability in millions of Intel processors

Intel has released a security alert regarding a critical elevation of privilege vulnerability that affects millions of servers and computers. This alert impacts systems using Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware versions 11.0 and higher, Server Platform Service (SPS) Firmware version 4.0, and Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) version 3.0. By accessing the elevation of privilege vulnerability, an… Read More

Building security and privacy protection into a BYOD environment

Daniele Màtyàs Tieghi, CTO and product manager at Mon-K Data Protection, discusses why businesses would be advised to reassess their data protection investments Over the last five years, companies have had to face increasing costs of cyberattacks and data breaches. In 2015, the cost of cyber attacks globally was $480 million (approx. £361 million). In 2016,… Read More

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