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The Equifax example: Bridging the gap between Security and DevOps

If you are a security type you couldn’t help but witness the recent calling out of Equifax’s CISO, Susan Maudlin, and her subsequent departure alongside the company’s CIO. While their parting was procedural and indeed predictable, there is a school of thought that says this was simply a knee-jerk reaction to shore up a tanking share… Read More

Viacom server leak exposes critical data

An unsecured Amazon Web Services S3 server led to a data leak for Viacom, the world’s sixth-largest media company and owner of Paramount Pictures and television brands including MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. The leak, discovered by security researchers from UpGuard, included a master provisioning server that was left accessible to the public internet, containing credentials… Read More

Equifax data breach leaks 143 million U.S. customers’ personal information

U.S. credit score provider Equifax has suffered a cyber-attack giving hackers access to the personal details of as many as 143 million people. The company revealed that ‘criminals’ exploited a website application vulnerability to gain access to files, between mid-May and July this year. The company discovered the breach on July 29th, meaning they waited… Read More

Up to six million Instagram accounts affected by data breach

Up to six million Instagram users may have had their email addresses and phone numbers made public following a data breach. What initially appeared to be a hack only affecting celebrities and verified accounts has been shown to have also affected many ordinary users. The breach initially came to prominence when Instagram’s most followed user,… Read More

CeX suffers data breach affecting up to two million customers

Second-hand electronics retailer CeX has been subject to an online security breach, with the attack affecting up to as many as two million customers. The company says they are taking the matter ‘extremely seriously’, and has issued guidelines and advice for customers whose personal data may have been accessed. The guidance states that CeX is contacting… Read More

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