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Quanta Cloud expands data centre hardware business into China and Japan

Global data centre hardware producer Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) has opened two new offices in China and Japan responding to demand for sales and support services across the two regions. QCT specialises in the design and manufacture of hardware employed in large-scale data centre operations for web giants such as Facebook. It is a branch… Read More

IBM hit by profit falls as it shifts to a cloud-based strategy

IBM has reported significant profit losses which it links directly to a recent shift from hardware to a cloud, analytics and mobile-based strategy. The global tech giant announced today that its profit and revenue had slumped over the third quarter. IBM explained the financial difficulty as stemming from an imbalance between a slow growing cloud… Read More

Data centres – putting less in but getting more out

A lot of attention is being paid to the green credentials of data centres in particular their power usage effectiveness (PUE) as a rating of how much energy is wasted – and with waste comes costs. Nick Razey advises on what is best practice in minimising inefficiency  Effectively consolidating space and power constrained legacy data… Read More

Breaking the system refresh cycle – IaaS to the rescue?

IT systems becoming vulnerable to malicious attack has risen up the agenda as this week we reach the tipping point of Microsoft ending support for Windows XP despite nearly a third of the world’s computers continuing to use it. Kevin Linsell, the head of service development for Adapt, blieves that keeping your IT systems up… Read More

Cloud continues to kick Oracle’s butt – just 3% of its business. Analysis of the giant’s challenges by @ron_miller

24/3/14 – Freelance technology journalist Ron Miller assesses the latest Oracle results and finds its performance is still based on its on-premise hardware and software business and that cloud, for all the giant’s noises, still represents only 3% of its business despite a recent buying binge. Until it make the transition to cloud it will,… Read More

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