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Planned Parenthood calls on FBI in alleged employee data hack

Healthcare provider Planned Parenthood has notified the FBI and Department of Justice of an alleged data breach that could compromise the ‘privacy and safety of staff members.’ Company representatives on Monday revealed that hackers were attacking Planned Parenthood IT systems in an attempt to gain unauthorised access to its employee database and leak the personal data… Read More

Inkjet printer can produce medical test on single sheet of paper

Product design and development experts Cambridge Consultants have announced a new inkjet technology which is able to create a medical diagnosis test from one sheet of paper. The firm hopes that the innovation could provide a low-cost and adaptable diagnosis test, which can be mass produced by the million. Current point-of-care diagnosis is expensive compared to lab… Read More

Pacemaker wearers should keep distance from interfering smartphones

Researchers have warned those who wear a pacemaker or other cardiac devices to ensure they hold their smartphones to the opposite ear and to keep the handset away from the chest. According to Carsten Lennerz at the German Heart Centre, Munich, the electromagnetic interference (EMI) can cause the pacemakers to malfunction, briefly pausing the cardiac… Read More

Robotic pills to treat diabetes and arthritis

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis announced yesterday that it would be partnering with U.S. startup Rani Therapeutics to investigate the potential of robotic pills. The drug delivery platform developed by Rani administers “large-molecule” drugs without the need for needles. Insulin for diabetes patients and other injectable drugs, such as treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and multiple… Read More

More than a million CareFirst customer accounts exposed in security breach

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, one of the largest regional health insurers in the U.S., has confirmed a major security breach which is thought to have affected as many as 1.1 million customers. The Washington D.C.-based firm announced yesterday that the hack had taken place in June last year. CareFirst said that the breach had been a “sophisticated… Read More

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