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How big data and cloud are supporting life-saving non-profit operations
Aaron Auld, CEO at EXASOL, discusses how big data analytics and cloud technologies are offering incredible new opportunities in the not-for-profit sector… Cloud, in every form, is a boon for non-profit. Out of necessity, charities in particular have very strong governance in place to scrutinise the value of any investment and have thin resources that... Read More

Thousands of NHS workers’ personal data stolen in hack

NHS staff in Wales have been informed that their personal data was exposed in a cyberattack which saw thousands of records stolen in October last year. It emerged that hackers had breached the UK servers of private contractor Landauer – a U.S.-based company which provides radiation safety products to various sectors including healthcare, education and national… Read More

Uber drivers to transfer NHS patients in effort to cut bed-blocking

Barts Health NHS Trust is planning to use Uber taxis to transport non-emergency patients, including the elderly and those with cancer and dementia, to and from hospital facilities in an attempt to reduce bed-blocking and delayed discharges. The London-based NHS health trust – the largest in the UK – said that a new app would… Read More

Brain-computer interface achieves fastest-ever typing results

A new development in brain-computer interface (BCI) communication could allow people with paralysis to type at the highest speeds and accuracy rates to date. A research consortium based at Stanford University, known as BrainGate, has built the new interface which could let paralysed people type at a faster rate than ever before possible using only… Read More

Google’s Project Aura wearable patents severe injury assessment

A patent filed earlier this year indicates that Google is looking to integrate accident recovery features into the new iteration of its wearable computing system, Project Aura (formerly Google Glass). The patent was filed in September of 2016 by Google employee Adrian Wong – who briefly left Google to work on the Oculus Rift VR… Read More

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