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Technology’s role in improving mental health

The topic of mental health is thankfully less taboo than it was a decade ago. In the last few years, we’ve seen a surge of campaigns aimed at driving awareness of mental health issues and supporting those in need. But hand on heart, how often did you think ‘nice PR stunt’ and question how many times the topic was pushed down to the ‘nice to have’ list rather than sit among priorities?

Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of mental health. Almost half of Brits have reported high anxiety since lockdown, and nearly 5,000 people have contacted The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) with workplace safety concerns.

Secure I.T. Environments completes data centre project at Hammersmith Hospital

A new data centre room at one of London’s busiest hospitals has been completed, the company behind the project has announced.

Imperial College Healthcare Trust’s enlisted UK data centre firm Secure I.T. Environments to design and build a new server and communications room at Hammersmith Hospital, as part of the Trust’s IT upgrade initiative.

NHS rolls out predictive analytics to help hospitals forecast Covid-19 admissions

Predictive analytics is being rolled out across the NHS in a bid to help hospitals forecast coronavirus and direct resources where they are needed most.

The new Joint Biosecurity Centre is being asked to give the NHS locally advance warnings of any uptick in coronavirus admissions with the support of a machine learning-powered tool.

Moving forward with track and trace technology

Reopening the economy while avoiding a second wave of Covid-19 is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Maintaining a low rate of transmission while opening up places of work and leisure is a delicate balance to strike, and localised outbreaks must be kept under control before they spread more widely. To do this requires a rapid, joined-up approach between regions, one which technology can enable.

With a raft of issues leading to the recent scrapping of the NHS’s contact tracing app, the pressure is on tech giants Apple and Google to provide a better solution. The apps currently provided are Bluetooth-based.

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