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VR has the potential to ease chronic pain, study suggests

Virtual reality (VR) can help to ease someone’s sensitivity to pain, new research suggests. Scientists at Imperial College London found that people immersed in VR scenes of the Arctic reported reduced pain sensations compared with those not using the technology.

Advancements in imaging technology can now show how tumours form

New imaging technology has been developed to help picture how tumours form. Early diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer could be helped by the tool which researchers at the University of Edinburgh use to detect the key cells involved. The new type of chemical probe can also help scientists track the progress of a tumour and how immune cells can have a positive or negative influence.

Two-year cloud procurement framework launched to boost public sector digital transformation

A new framework that aims to simplify public sector purchasing of cloud services has been launched by NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), an NHS partner that serves 40 percent of the NHS with corporate services.

NHS SBS said its new Cloud Solutions framework will help the NHS, local authorities, police, educational establishments and others access high quality and value-for-money cloud services.

DeepMind co-founder goes on leave

The co-founder of British artificial intelligence firm DeepMind, now owned by Google’s parent firm Alphabet, has gone on leave from the company.

In a statement, DeepMind said: “Mustafa’s taking some time out right now after 10 hectic years.”

New smart sensor could help doctors supervise wounds remotely

The NHS spends around £5.1 billion on resources used on burns, diabetic ulcers and simple cuts A sensor is being developed which could help patients, doctors and nurses manage how a wound heals. Engineers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh will work on the microsensor that can monitor tiny, microscale mechanical changes to the body’s tissue…. Read More

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